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I went to TJMax to make a purchase recently and wrote a check for 2.00 and was declined.

This is after I wrote a check that same day (roughly 30 minutes prior) in the jewelry department for .

After providing the customer service rep with all my vitals, she said that because of my historic spending patterns she would do me a favor and bump up my check writing amount so that the problem doesn't happen again (gee, thanks for nothing - I would have to write another check as the originally declined one was now 'flagged').

If this had occurred at a private institution, I would not be shopping at your store due to this experience!

I am still being ignored by Certegy and we are afraid to write more checks due to the embarrassment that we might endure. She stated that I have been writing alot of checks and this was out of my 'normal' check writing pattern.

We need a class action suit to prevent these folks from doing what they are doing to honest hard working American citizens. I had written a check for 2.00 at one purchase then another for .00 at another merchant at the same mall. She stated that there was no negative history its just I've been writing more checks than usual. She stated that I can fill out a form to be placed on a VIP listing. I don't feel I want just anyone having my bank information just because. I just experienced a similar problem with Certegy while trying to pay tuition for my academic coursework.

I located a phone number and called them with a response that there was no derogatory information about my checks and that I was declined due to my check writing profile.

We are retired and hardly ever write checks since we do all our purchases by credit card.

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