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Here, we compare the big seven’s results this season with the same matches from the last campaign, substituting last summer’s relegated teams with the three Premier League new boys (so Newcastle replace Hull, Brighton replace Middlesbrough and Huddersfield switch in for Sunderland).2016/17: Beat Stoke (h) 1-0, drew with Manchester City (a) 1-1, lost to Chelsea (a) 0-5, drew with Tottenham (h) 1-1, drew with Manchester United (a) 1-1, beat Bournemouth (h) 6-3, beat Burnley (h) 3-1. 2017/18: Beat Stoke (h) 1-0, drew with Manchester City (a) 1-1, lost to Chelsea (a) 0-2, lost to Tottenham (h) 0-3, lost to Manchester United (a) 0-4, beat Bournemouth (h) 2-1, lost to Burnley (h) 0-1. Big things were expected at Goodison Park this season, after Ronald Koeman spent around £133m on new signings. Everton are five points worse off compared to last season, when they eventually finished 7 in the league.It’s unclear how the site have worked these numbers out, but you know what they say – the table never lies…The Premier League is back tomorrow night, and like any 20-something, England’s top flight has made some lifestyle changes. Bans for diving After years of unpunished malfeasance, divine justice finally comes to the Premier League, courtesy of a three-man simulation panel who will sit on Mondays to review footage of footballers falling over.Check out our chat room feature, where you can create private chat rooms, where only you and your invitee can see you chat messages. Alexis Sanchez out of the starting XI, Arsene Wenger out of the dug-out, Jack Wilshere out injured but Arsenal are still in this Carabao Cup semi-final tie after holding Chelsea to an improbable goalless...No Premier League game shown on a subscription channel would ever get close to those figures but it is a bold move to try and compete, albeit a necessary one as Premier League clubs look to bring in football's biggest-ever broadcast deal.

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Clearly geography doesn’t come into it, though, as neighbours QPR allegedly only get through 0.48 cheats per year.“Sports are inherently social, with the power to build and connect communities around the world.This aligns closely with our mission, and we feel Facebook is a natural home for sports content, including live games.But how have the Premier League’s biggest seven clubs performed when compared to their corresponding fixtures from last season, and which team has improved the most?And just how worried should the rest of the Premier League be about the starts made by Manchester City and United?

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