Pacing a relationship dating

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This kind of aha moment might be followed by the need to regain a little independence.

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You both dig one another, so you start spending a ton of time together — weekend trips, standing Friday night dates, and constant text messages abound. But then you come up for air and realize that things have moved at an intense clip in a short amount of time.Of course, that's something you really have to decide for yourself, says Megan Stubbs, Ed D, a sexologist and relationship expert based in Michigan."People are always looking to do the 'right' thing, especially when it comes to pacing," she explains.Tips for gay men on how to have smashingly successful "first dates"INTRODUCTIONNothing gets the heart pumping quite like the nervous anticipation that goes along with going out on a first date with a guy. "Everyone's experience is different, but the one common denominator that most daters would testify to is that it can be difficult to navigate through the waters of man-to-man dating.Whether it's a blind date or someone you're already acquainted with, the first meeting with a dating prospect brings with it a host of emotions, more commonly a mixture of excitement and nervousness. " "What if I mess things up and make a fool of myself? Although it's changing, we gay men have few role models to emulate when it comes to love and romance.

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