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Her experience in the psychology behind relationships has spawned her blog Devyn on Dating, an "online dating gospel" for advice on modern courtship.She became engaged to Nathan Littlewood in October of 2015.Finally, some of those who hold to late dating may have an agenda.

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So too there are certain assumptions in late dating which are not verifiable and are to often insisted upon as universal: e.g., that there must have been decades of oral tradition before the Gospels were written, at least in final form; that longer Gospels are later Gospels; that certain structures within the Church only existed relatively late.There are certain references in the Gospels, such as in John 5, which strongly suggest that we are in pre-Temple destruction times when the Gospels are being written.4.The NT writings are regarded as expressions of the Apostolic writers, or at least of the Apostolic Age.I have searched the 38 volume Edinberg Church Fathers and find that Eusebius talks about Matthew in Aramaic and St.Jerome alludes to having Hebrew commentaries on Matthew. I can really find no cogent line of reasoning to support late dating of the Gospels. Late dating might be popular but it has no real evidence to support such a hypothesis and certainly not with the certitude many proponents profess. Among modern “scholars” it has been popular in recent decades to date the NT writings, including the Gospels, as relatively late.

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