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Several other tenements caught fire, bnt by the exertions of the citizens th" danger was avertad. Gibney, four miles from that city, on the Harrodsburg Tnnipike, waa destroyed by fire oa Monday last, with its contents, ir.voiviog a loss of some ,000. "Cockloft Hall," the ostensible scene of these lucubrations, waa no imaginary mansion. The campaign of this spring the reluctance of the soldiers in their armies to prosecute the war. But nobody understands these matters better than Gen.

Camp Nelbom LIvacwathd.— Wo learn from the Lexington Observer that Camp Nelson, owing to a vbexgo cf base for supplies, has been evacuated, and tlia military stores re- moved to Nashville. The whole world is turned up3ide down every twenty-four hours. Thcae raidcis come comm ission :d ti do the deeds of land i iistct, and all who arc captured shouli meet tho lute ihcir abuses of the laws of civ- il zcd warfare des I've. 'Iney eon'iu not ra'so troops, and tho war fever was dying out in the United Stairs. Lee can gather at the stupendous stronghold of Richmond. Before entering immediately arose my bare feet and naked ass.I heard footsteps in the waiting room and then the sound of a door opening. – I cried several times and wagged booty, without turning around, seeing who came as no one except the boss would be poked into his office. » «J Trl-W eckly, pernionih - ™ Weekly, per year...... The wound was very severe, and Urochter was thought to be dying Mon- day evening. g ST" The Memphis Argu3 says: We were invited by Dr. The hock and line with which an angler caught a cold. A knot from the board a man paid twenty shillings a week for. Col li steady at SI 0T$A1 0i fur far, aud SI Otfit ,17 lor shell, uatawv. 1 he Grnrts had a lorg ttandiag fcul wi It the Gordons, and even among the different brioche* of.ihcmseivcs Ihc.e were factioj fights, as between iht: Bal indalioeh and C j .r- ron Grants. In this report I have been compelled to en- ter into many detads, and to soma animadversions upon the conduct of Gen. This etatcroent has been circulated by the prees, in more or less detail, and with more or loss mcrks of an official character, until p Tj silence would be almost an aclen Oivled^p^ on t of the justice of the charge. , and egress from the city being free in all directions. tivo hixhor ; K2 50 formesi for old *.'3 for do, closing at latt-r .'i f. The first shot failing to strike his v'ctim, Morgan fired a second, which pen- etrated th* bowels of the unfortunate mm near the navel. Tfc following is aa interesting pos- efgc from t'r.c ariclo of the Jou : '•The budge of ihe clan-Grant waa the piae orciii Lbeny heath, end ih ir s'ogan or gnth- crirg cry, 'S:andiast,' Craigil'ac' ie ! name ('the rnek of n'nrm') in the united parishes of Dath H and Rolhii tuiircbni, being their hill of rc ndczvous. Black, apparently in the direc tion of Ed- ward's Depot, and expre using Ihe belief that that point would be ihe battle-field, if ho could foiwatd sufficient force, leaving troips enough to secure the safe'y of Vicksburg. To th : s loss was added the- labor, pri- vations, and certain capture of a gallant army, when my orde:s for its evacuation were set ariclo. Pcin Lerton, made to the War Depai tm^-ut in- stead of lo rnp, lo whom it was due. l'cmbtrt.n, by direct as crlton and by implication, puts upon me ths responsibility of the movement which led to his army to defeat ai Baker's Creek and Big Block Bridge — de- feats which produced the loss of Vicksburg and its army. Lee can, if necessary, have between, two and three hundred thousand for the -defeqeo of Richmond. y*be- sieged Vicksburg in front by means of the Federal gunboats upon the Mississippi, and in the rear by a large army extending from a point on the river above the city to a point ou the ri Tcr below, but he can have no such advantages at Richmond, there be- ing no tivcr at tho latter place except the James, which is commanded by the rebel? My offer extends on'y to those who are respecta- ble, of good habits, and calculate! the sneers and skepticisms of foreign governments," 4c. Ceria'n it is that two hundred years ago it was ts good English to s:y "I begun my work," as to say "I began my work." Atprcsent ttiage seems to requiro us to say began, and wo should, for our own par., never think of using bepun except as a participle!

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