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Have patience, though, because it takes about 10-15 minutes to morph into its true self, which is classic drugstore perfection.

A more complex, serious, grown-up relative of Heaven Scent. Edit: Full disclosure: While I enjoy smelling this fragrance, it's not really my cup of tea for actual wearing.

Steve fakes he can see the menu at the pub and orders his usual with Kayla. Vic warns Eve will demand a prenup so he will get nowhere near Deimos' assets. Back at the Brady pub Steve suggests Roman check Anna's purse cos she could be packin heat! Roman insists she is but then she returns to their table, only to announce they have a guest at the table. She places his urn down with a pat and Roman sighs. She does like the guy but her number one plan is to put Basic Black on top. Chloe warns she will fall for him for real regardless. He lets Lani know he is here for her as a friend and points out she will get past this. Victor insults Eve and Brady gallantly defends her, warning grandad he will lose his company to them!

Meanwhile Victor has a secret meeting at the Kiriakis mansion with Brady. At the club Chloe quietly confronts Eve about her so-called affair with Brady ... Victor suspects Eve is the one playing Brady the smug seducer, who boasts she is merely his means to an end. He already discussed her urn issue and had no idea she actually went around with Tony. Kayla is sorry for her grief and suggests it is not the best way. When he walks out he sees Eve, who touches an earring and acts as innocent as a little lamb ...

Sly Victor states he was not the one who said it ... Eve muses but Brady might be using her and following Victor's orders. He now gets a text from Henderson that Eve just drove up in the driveway. Of course Victor is up for more deception drama ... Roman warns Anna that he does not want to deal with vengeance in this stage of his life ... Anna hangs onto to Tony's urn and reasons she has spent years suffering cos of Stefano. Anna whispers to Tony's urn she will not let go until his death has been avenged. Eve acts like she just happened to arrive and overheard. Eve grabs him in a passionate kiss but who is really hoodwinking whom?! She lets her know she has come to a decision regarding her pregnancy. Stunning Chloe simply fears for her old friend with a woman like Eve. Roman asks Anna whether she is willing to throw her life away chasing after Stefano. Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady promises Victor it shall be a bloodless coup and Eve will go quietly. Brady wants to know whether he will get back on top at Titan. Brady now flashes back to telling Eve he was in with her scheme. Anna implores Steve to consider her request for the world would be a better place without Stefano ... Anna now asks him to go after Stefano in the name of justice! Slinky Eve suggests Chloe still harbors feelings for Brady. As tragic music plays JJ tells Hope he shall make each day of his life mean something ... He decides it does not matter whether Stefano is dead or alive. Anna just wants justice for Tony whether they are with her or not. Hope calls Steve to the station to take a look at a case for her. Kayla will drive him as she heads back to the hospital.This fragrance is made in 80, 100 and 200 Strength. I do not find the 100 "stronger", but it does last longer and yet I always feel the 100 Strength is softer, more rounded and just wears incredibly well throughout the day (or night). If you like scents like vintage 1977 Opium, Shalimar, Youth Dew, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Original CK Obsession, Tabu, Angel..will FLIP over Ciara.It might be one of my most favourite and cherished scents.

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