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KENNWERT is a German materials research and development enterprise founded by business economist Cornelia Beyer, architect Thorsten Klooster, and artist Heike Klussmann in 2014.Our team in Berlin and Kassel pools competences from the fields of visual art, architecture, urbanism, interaction design, industrial design, experimental physics, construction chemistry, 3D-printing, information technology, and robotics.2015’s most-streamed song, Major Lazer’s "Lean On" (ft.MØ and DJ Snake) brought in around .5 million for the artists behind it.

This does not imply that the books of the prophets are always read literally.Your most-streamed track might make you reconsider your choice to put that Rae Sremmurd song on every playlist.But Year in Music’s quantitative breakdown inherently raises questions about what your stream count really means for artists, i.e., how much money you’re actually paying them.Jewish tradition has always held that prophets used metaphors and analogies.( see our book "RICHES IN TYPOLOGY" ) There exists a wide range of commentaries explaining and elucidating those verses consisting of metaphor.

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