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Downtown LA The central business district of Los Angeles and home to the Grand Avenue cultural corridor.

The advent of the automobile and freeways led to the neighborhood's slow decline, but it has seen a booming revival in recent years, led by new residential buildings, trendy hotels, bars, shops and restaurants.

During World War II the United States Military operated the Los Angeles Port of Embarkation in Wilmington, from which soldiers and sailors were sent abroad to battle zones.

The LAPE was controlled by the San Francisco Port of Embarkation from its inception in 1942 until late 1943 when it became autonomous.

Most tourists in Los Angeles like to go clubbing and often also have sex with prostitutes.Among these promises were that million would be invested in improvements to the port and that as much would be spent inside the city on public works as was collected in taxes.Wilmington is adjacent to the Wilmington Oil Field, discovered in 1932.Citizens of Wilmington were dubious that annexation would be in their best interests, fearing that it would shift economic activity out of their city and towards Los Angeles.Because the city government of Los Angeles so strongly wanted to have the growing port inside the city limits, it made a number of promises to Wilmington and also to the equally-dubious citizens of San Pedro.

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