Dating on demand real

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Unlike some guys, Nic is not a bigtime trash talker.In fact, he's normally quite respectful of all the women he wrestles.It isn't just the pretty smile or her deliciously sexy muscular body. Poor Nic thinks he's in for a playful roll in a hay, but he soon finds his face being smashed between her powerful legs as she spanks him, crossbody pins him, and eventually tells him he'll have to say "Uncle" to be released. FREE PREVIEW Nic goes all out to prove why guys who can't fight shouldn't challenge women who are really, really good fighters.

She totally emasculates poor Tony with a series of schoolgirl pins, facesitting, and scissors, forcing him to get "up close and personal" - against his wishes, of course - as she drives his head into her crotch.But there are those women out there who have no trouble dishing out a beating to a guy just because he's a wimp.Enter Ace, who shows precious little mercy as she toys with her prey from start to finish.There isn't a ton of trash-talking from Nic, but Jolene doesn't need any motivation whatsoever to deliver the beating he deserves just for daring to step on the mat with her.She submits him with a variety of chokes, scissors, and an excruciatingly painful grapevine that still hurts me when I think about it.

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