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Believe it or not daydreaming is a symptom of anxiety disorder and depression.

So chances are if you’re an anxious person you spend much of your time in la la land, fantasizing about a very cool version of yourself doing extraordinary things. Most shrinks think that daydreaming is a self defense mechanism. As you well know, when you have an anxiety disorder things can get negative and intense.

According to his Linked In profile, Knight graduated from Princeton in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – and went on to get his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2011. He’s Adventurous On one of his social media accounts, Knight describes himself as an “adventurer” and “naturalist” – and judging by his photo uploads, he’s not kidding around.

Describing himself online as a “Tech/entrepreneurship enthusiast,” he’s spent almost five years working at Medallia Professional Services, which specializes in customer feedback. His Rebel Mouse page is chock full of impressive nature shots, including trips to Big Sur – where he reportedly went on a recent vacation with Watson.

And it’s also thought that daydreaming allows for creative thought and indirect productivity. I’ve had this love affair with daydreaming for as long as I can remember, but I was never less productive because of it. I usually dream about being somewhere else, like a resort or something goofy that gets me away from any difficulty I’m having.

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To answer my own question, yes I do daydream a lot.

From knee-slappers like the caption “Still chasing birds?

I Sur am,” on a picture from Big Sur, to “Bar hopping,” on a picture of himself walking down a scenic sandbar, we give Knight an A for effort. He’s Not Afraid to Catch a Musical Nothing says budding romance like a Broadway date night.

Knight and Watson were spotted together back in October leaving the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City after taking in a musical.

What's more, she doesn’t see anything unsisterly in sharing her seduction technique.

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